As many of you are aware we will be verticutting and aerifying on Monday the 26th of June and re-open on Thursday the 29th. What is aerification some of you may ask and why do we tend to do it when the course is growing at its best? It is important that aerification is done while the turf is growing at its optimum level because that helps it to heal better and it is a stress on the plant. The ultimate goal of aerification is to help with photosynthesis! Ready for a biology refresher?


The byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen that we all love and glucose. Glucose is stored in the leaf or fruit of the plant and is used to grow the roots. This is where the aerification/verticutting comes in to play. We will first verticut to remove the thatch which is organic buildup and it keeps the water from penetrating into the soil and eventually the roots. After we have verticut the property, we will begin the aerification process! We will be verticutting and aerifying

1247both the fairways and the greens. Once we are finished aerifying the greens, we will fill the holes with sand which will encourage drainage and generate more space for the roots to gain depth. The deeper the water can flow, the deeper the roots will grow. The sand is useful to allow ventilation over time as greens get so much traffic that compaction is an issue for the soil. Sand also smooths the playing surface, which gets inconsistencies over time. I know that many of you feel like the conditions are less than suitable, but Tom Watson shot his lowest score ever of 58 at Kansas City Country Club just days after the greens were aerified, so come and get it!

Class is dismissed!


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