Your Spine is Key!

When I first understood that I was going to be a Golf Professional I knew that teaching was going to be a huge part of my life. I quickly learned that no matter how hard the student worked at the things that were discussed they wouldn’t be able to be consistent without taking some care of their biggest asset! Posture in the set-up and swing is one of the crucial aspects of consistency and the spine is the axle of the swing. I liken it to having the greatest car in the world and having an axle that is bent. No matter how many horses you have under the hood you are not going to want to drive it unless you are trying to

get rid of some fillings and that is what I see as one of the most common characteristic in the golf swing. The good news is you are the victim, it isn’t your fault, and it is society’s fault that you have either S-Posture or C-Posture! It is because you have to drive in a car or sit at a desk or watch TV at night that these posture characteristics have crept into your life. As all of you remember from anatomy classes, the way muscles work is called reciprocal inhibition also known as dating in High School (this is called foreshadowing)! If you sit a lot during the day, your hip flexors will become shortened or tight and your brain will turn off your glutes because they are the opposite muscle, this is called S-Posture. The same happens with C-Posture where you sit at a desk or car with your hands on the steering wheel or keyboard, tightening the chest and weakening the traps giving you a rounded back. Both of these situations wreak havoc on consistency in the golf swing; go back to the car analogy! Tight hips, which tends to occur in men without a sedentary lifestyle really causes problems on both the take-away and the downswing, causing the swing to be mostly arms. Having a rounded upper back once again causes the swing to be produced with arms and also promotes an over the top downswing because you can’t rotate the shoulders either back or through. Now back to High School (see what I did there), now here is your homework! No matter what you do or don’t do for a living, practice throughout the day, rolling your shoulders and stack them on your back, widening your chest while you do this! If you do sit a lot throughout the day, activate your abdomen as often as you can remember! Eventually having a flatter back will translate to your golf swing and you will soon be spending much more time in the middle of the fairways!


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